John `Lofty' Wiseman
Collins Gem (series)
HarperCollins Publishers Nov 29, 2018
Reference / Survival & Emergency Preparedness / Sports & Recreation / Outdoor Skills / Health & Fitness / Safety
Softcover 384 pages

3.22 x 4.60 inches

9780008133788 |

SAS Survival Guide: How to Survive in the Wild, on Land or Sea

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    The original and best survival guide for any situation in every climate. Now with added techniques for handling Urban dangers, the 'SAS Survival Handbook' is the complete companion for adventurers everywhere.Ever wondered how you would find water in the desert, defend yourself from an attacker, or signal a rescue aircraft? From security and resisting head-locks on the streets to making camp and finding food in the wild, be prepared in any city, land or sea. SAS legend John 'Lofty' Wiseman's unrivalled multi-million copy bestseller will teach you: Preparation - Understanding and assembling latest, most resilient, kit. Navigation - Skills, technologies and techniques to get you through unfamiliar terrain. Food and Health - Finding resources in your environment, feeding yourself and healing yourself. Disaster Survival - Dealing with our frequently unstable environmental conditions: what to do in the face of flash flooding or fast-spreading fire. NEW MATERIAL INCLUDES: Urban Safety and Security - Recognising dangerous situations and saving others. Self-Defence and Terrorism - Knowing the law, self-defence techniques and how to act under threat.


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