Reading The Rocks: A Biography of Ancient Alberta | Paperback
Monique Keiran | Tyrrell Museum Royal
Red Deer Press Jul 12, 2004
Science / Earth Sciences - Geology / Nature / Fossils / Ecology
Paperback pages 119

8.5 x 11 inches



Reading the Rocks : A Biography of Ancient Alberta

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  • Alberta is one of those rare places where the history of the planet can be read with compelling precision. For more than a century, palaeontologists and geologists have been uncovering the remains of ancient creatures across this fossil-rich province, from the arid badlands to the Rocky Mountains. Recent abundant evidence from Alberta's landscape has contributed greatly to what we know about Earth's evolution.

    Drawing on this rich storehouse of evidence, scientists at the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, working with veteran natural history writer Monique Keiran, offer a dramatic and vividly detailed chronicle of the province's geological history.

    With over 200 full-color photographs, and 45 maps, timelines, and line drawings, this easy-to-read volume starts with the Big Bang and ends with the modern era - everything readers need to know about the making of ancient Alberta and the extraordinary story found when reading the rocks.


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