Susan Feddema-Leonard

Willmore Wilderness Foundation 2013

Hardcover 281 pages

9 x 10 inches

People & Peaks: Women of Willmore Wilderness

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    The People & Peaks books are a series of publications of true stories of the traditions, history and culture of an almost forgotten mountain people. These ‘first person’ accounts have become founding documentation about the people, past and present who lived and worked in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. 

    Women of Willmore Wilderness shares the written journals and photo journals of women who ventured on extended horse pack trips  in Mt. Robson Park, Jasper National Park, Willmore Wilderness Park, Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park and Kakwa Provincial Park in B.C. The journals are from 1915, 1937, 1942 to 1946 and a present day journal of the author finding and clearing the trails of yesteryear.


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