Chic Scott

Assiniboine Lodge January 2021

Cloth Hardcover

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Mount Assiniboine, The Story

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    In his book, Mount Assiniboine — The Story, historian Chic Scott tells the story of 130 years of adventure, romance, hard work and dreams at Mount Assiniboine. All the characters are here: Walter Wilcox, the pioneer explorer of Mount Assiniboine; Sir James Outram, who, with his Swiss guides, first climbed the mountain; A.O Wheeler, who surveyed the area and was responsible for the creation of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park; the exotic nobleman, Marquis Nicolo d’Albizzi, who discovered the area in the 1920s and brought the first skiers to the mountain; Norwegian ski pioneer, Erling Strom, who ruled like a king over the area for fifty years; Lizzie Rummel, who was awarded the Order of Canada for her gracious ways at Assiniboine; Hans Gmoser, who got his start as a mountain guide at Mount Assiniboine; legendary ski guides Sam Evans and Ken Jones, the first Park Ranger; cowboys, Al Johnston, Charlie Hunter, Chuck Millar and Jim Bagley; Sepp and Barb Renner, who turned the lodge into the modern gem that it is today and Andre Renner, Claude Duchesne and Annick Blouin, who manage the lodge today and continue the tradition.

    All the stories are included in this book — exploring and climbing the mountain, surveying the Great Divide and creating the Park, building Mount Assiniboine Lodge, the glory years of skiing at Assiniboine in the thirties, the pioneer pilots (Al Gaetz and Jim Davies), the plane crashes, the renovation of the lodge in 2011, right up to the challenges and romance of today. The extensive text (110,000 words) is accompanied by almost 400 images, mainly historic, and many which have never been seen before.

    This is an epic and fascinating story worthy of the big screen, set below the most beautiful mountain in the world. 

  • Chic Scott is a household name in international and Canadian mountaineering circles. One of Canada’s most celebrated mountain literature authors and adventurers, he is the author of several award-winning mountaineering history books, including Pushing the Limits: The Story of Canadian Mountaineering (RMB 2000), Powder Pioneers: Ski Stories from the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains (RMB 2005) and Deep Powder and Steep Rock: The Life of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser (RMB 2015). As well, his bestselling guidebooks Summits and Icefields 1: Alpine Ski Tours in the Canadian Rockies (RMB 2011), Summits and Icefields 2: Alpine Ski Tours in the Columbia Mountains – Revised & Updated (RMB 2016) and Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies – 5th Edition (RMB 2016) are fundamental resources in any backcountry skier’s library. Chic lives in Banff, Alberta.