Nathalie Bertin

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Softcover 60 pages

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Loup Garou, Moccasins & Metis Folklore

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    English summary (French below): Introducing Métis culture through a series of eight traditional tales retold by Nathalie Bertin. These charming and entertaining short stories provide a broad snapshot of the Métis world view from historical communities in Ontario and Quebec that pre-date Canadian confederation. These regions have a long history of métissage and unique cultural flavour that also helped inform western Métis culture. The unique beadworks that accompany each story are beautifully photographed and provide a contemporary stepping point into the tremendous historical Métis crafts - designs that became Canada's first true art form. Entertainment and learning in two languages within the pages of a single book! 

  • About Nathalie Bertin

    Nathalie Bertin is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada with documented Métis roots in Michilimackinac & Nipissing.

    Bertin’s art style is often described as luminescent, energetic, bold and colourful. A self-confessed “colour junkie,” she is inspired by the way light filters through stained glass windows, the layering of colours in printing processes, Woodland artists and the northern European masters.

    With a focus on community, she has also created & curated exhibitions such as "This is My Song" (Art Space, Huntsville, ON, 2014), "Indigenesse" (Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, ON, 2016) and “Breathe. A collection of traditionally crafted masks demonstrating resiliency through 21st century pandemic” (with Lisa Shepherd, touring, 2020).

    For a full bio and information about my art practice, visit


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