Barney Scout Mann
The Mountaineers Books  Aug 1, 2020

Paperback: 320 pages

6.30" x 8.93"


Journey's North: The Pacific Crest Trail

SKU: 10801
  • "Three couples, their stories unfolding, weaving and intertwining over the long-distance trail until the dramatic conclusion traversing snow-covered peaks." -Mark Larabee, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist In Journeys North, legendary trail angel, thru hiker, and former PCTA board member Barney Scout Mann spins a compelling tale of six hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007 as they walk from Mexico to Canada. This ensemble story unfolds as these half-dozen hikers - including Barney and his wife, Sandy - trod north, slowly forming relationships and revealing their deepest secrets and aspirations. They face a once-in-a-generation drought and early severe winter storms that test their will in this bare-knuckledadventure. In fact, only a third of all the hikers who set out on the trail that year would finish.

    As the group approaches Canada, a storm rages. How will these very different hikers, ranging in age, gender, and background, respond to the hardship and suffering ahead of them? Can they all make the final 60-mile push through freezing temperatures, sleet, and snow, or will some reach their breaking point?

    Journeys North is a story of grit, compassion, and the relationships people forge when they strive toward a common goal.


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