Dyed in the Green # 3 (series)
George Mercer Jun 12, 2017
Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Animals / Small Town & Rural

Paperback 322 pages

5.50" x 8.50"


Jasper Wild

SKU: 10422
  • Explore the first fiction series about Canada's National Parks.

    Jasper Wild is the third story in the Dyed in the Green mystery series about the challenges facing our contry's special places, and the people working tirelessly to protect these national treasures.
    By publisher:

    After helping scuttle plans to slaughter Wood Buffalo National Park's entire bison population, Ben Matthews and Kate Jones end up in Jasper. Distracted by rumours of a new mine on the park's boundary, Ben and Kate help uncover a plot to build a backcountry lodge in Jasper's wilderness, leaving no stone unturned to stop an international mining giant who conspires with government politicians and Parks management to carve off a piece of the park for himself.


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