Lee McLean

Red Barn Books Jul 23, 2019
Pets / Horses / Sports & Recreation / Animal Sports - Equestrian / Nature / Animals - Horses

Paperback 224 pages

6.00" x 9.00"

Illustrations & Content:4 b&w illustrations

Horse Woman: Notes on Living Well & Riding Better

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  • By publisher:

    Lee McLean was born to ride ... and to write. In these pages, you will enter the world of a master horsewoman and ride with her through the seasons of the year, and the ages and stages of life.

    The stories come from a riding journal kept for over forty-five years, and the best of her Keystone Equine blogs. Distilled into one year, but made up of many, they reflect a life lived in the saddle.

    A multiple Amazon Bestseller in the 'Riding' category, Horse Woman features bespoke illustrations, a photo section and built-in notes pages.


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