George Mercer

Published Oct 15, 2020

Young Adult Fiction / Science & Nature - Environment / Coming of Age
Ages 13 +

Paperback 288 pages

6.00" x 9.00"

Harking: Ages 13+

SKU: 10883
  • By publisher:

    After her parents’ divorce and the discovery of a series of cryptic notes left behind after her father is killed in an avalanche, Harking Thompson struggles to come to her own understanding of love, loss and what really matters. Caught up in a battle to save a mother grizzly bear and her cubs, Harking’s fight to protect the wildlife and wild places she loves teaches her a brutal truth: sometimes saving a life might mean losing another you love even more.

  • A former Canadian National Park Warden, George Mercer is the author of Dyed In The Green, the award-winning first fiction series about Canada's national parks. Harking is the author's first book outside of the series and his first work of Young Adult fiction.


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