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Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies 2014

Produced in cooperation with The Peter and Catharine Whyte Foundation

Hans Gmoser Film Collection - 10 DVD Set - Collectors Edition

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  • Hans Gmoser was one of the greatest mountain filmmaker in North America. During the 1950s and 60s he produced 10 feature length films of ski touring, rock climbing and mountaineering adventures, capturing the alpine magic of the era. Now, after 50 years, it is once again possible to view these historic films, complete with classical music soundtrack and narration. As a special bonus, interviews with 14 individuals who starred in the films are included on these DVDs.

  • Script writer/Executive producers: Marg Saul, Chic Scott

    Director/Producer/Editor - Will Schmidt

    Narration - Michael Hintringer, Eva Zidek, Chic Scott

    Historical Consultant- Chic Scott

    Script Preparation - Marg Saul

    Narration Recording - Bob Gabelhouse

    Music Research - Michelle Todd

    Camera Assistant/Graphic Design - Emilia Schmidt


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