Adrianna A. Davies

University of Calgary Press 2014


Softcover pages  175

8 1/2 x 11 inches


From Realism to Abstraction: The Art of J. B. Taylor

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  • Filled with images of J.B. Taylor’s work and photographs of his life as an artist and teacher, this is the first book to focus completely on Taylor’s importance to the artistic communities in Western Canada.

    J. B. (Jack) Taylor was an important figure in the history of Banff and western Canada’s artistic community. Inspired by the locale, Taylor spent his career striving to depict the idea of the mountain, moving over time from traditional representations of nature to an intuitive perception of the essential elements of landscape rock, water, and sky. Always, he sought to capture his ideas through the development of a new visual language. He applied this new vernacular to a range of studies encompassing portraiture through to other landscapes.

    Filled with images of his work and photographs of his life as an artist and teacher in western Canada, this book is the first to focus completely on J.B. Taylor, his importance to the Western Canadian and Banff artistic communities, and his role in the transition from traditional, eastern, North American and European landscape ideals and technique to a more abstract representation and the formation of a new aesthetic of the wilderness based on the mountains of the West

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