Dorothy Carleton

Family Lines - Author


Pages 316


16.99 x 2.01 x 24.41 cm


Ed and Dorothy: Rocky Mountain Romance

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  • This book is a love story. It is not only Ed and Dorothy’s love story but about their special connection with Banff National Park. Ed Carleton is a quiet small-town Alberta boy who signs up to fight in the Second World War. Overseas in England, he meets vivacious Dorothy Fowler, who is up for adventures. She is so adventurous that she agrees to marry Ed and cross the ocean to see what is in store for them in Canada. Dorothy has no idea of the life she is about to lead – one in the wilds of Banff. Ed becomes a warden for Banff National Park and moves his family to the backcountry. While Dorothy is learning how to wash diapers in freezing creek water and cook over a hot wood-burning stove, Ed is in the mountains, keeping a watchful eye over nature. The couple starts a family and grows deep roots in the park over several decades. Their time living in the Banff wilderness is an experience that can never be recreated. Besides Ed and Dorothy, there are other Banff voices in this book. Come and fall in love with them, too.


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