Pete Whittaker
Mountaineers Outdoor Expert (series) Jan 1, 2020
The Mountaineers Books 
Sports & Recreation / Mountaineering / Outdoor Skills / Training

Softcover pages 320
7.03" x 8.52"


Crack Climbing

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  • Crack climbing is a highly technical form of movement in which climbers position their hands, feet, and even their entire body in cracks to make upward progress on rock. An advocate for the sport’s aesthetic lines, physicality, and technical know-how, author Pete Whittaker teaches more than sixty Crack School Masterclasses each year and was featured in the popular climbing filmWide Boyz. This detailed and comprehensive guide teaches step-by-step techniques and tips, including for:

    • Jamming (finger, hand, fist, foot, arm, leg, body)
    • Crack types (chimneys, liebacks, underclings, roof cracks)
    • How to safely lead and place protection
    • Efficient positioning and movement
    • Strength recovery while climbing

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