Craig Richards

Folio Gallery Inc 2012

Photography/ Landscapes/ 

Hardcover pages 60

12.5 x 12. 5 inches


Composition in Stone: Photographs from the Canadian Rockies

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  • “The mountains pose a universal paradox, an ever-present reminder of nature’s power and its fragility.”

    Craig Richards was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1955. In 1980 he moved to Canmore, Alberta, the gateway to the Canadian Rockies and in 2017 moved to Mill Bay on Vancouver Island, B.C. For 40 years Richards has used a 4 × 5 camera combined with the traditional silver gelatin printing process. His interests as an artist, avid hiker, photographer, and mountain culture aficionado have coalesced to form an engaging body of work. His photographs have been the subject of over 60 solo exhibitions, and another 75 group exhibitions at public and commercial galleries as well as museums throughout the world. Photography is woven into all aspects of his life.

    Craig Richards has been a guest instructor teaching photographic workshops in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Africa. He has given lectures and presentations of his photographs around the world. Richards was the Curator of Photography at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta and now focuses completely on his own work.

    Since 1995 he has worked on numerous projects for the Museo Nazionale Della Montagna, Torino, Italy. These photographic projects include Canada (Rocky Mountains and Yukon), Guatemala, Italy (Valle di Susa), Uganda (Rwezori), USA (Alaska), Chezch Republic (Teplice nad Metuji), and Bolivia.

    “I love the violence of storms as well as the delicacy and the calm. All of this is prevalent in my photographs as well as my excitement, my awe, and my interpretation. I’m not trying to document where I have been but show what I feel about this landscape. This dramatic and textural mountainscape is not just a mass of inanimate objects, it is alive, with personalities that change continuously with each minute, hour, day and season.”


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