PearlAnn Reichwein 
Mountain Cairns A series on the history and culture of the Canadian Rockies (series)
The University of Alberta Press Jul 24, 2014
Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection / History / Canada - Post-Confederation (1867-) / Sports & Recreation / History
Paperback 432 pages

7.50" x 10 inches


Climber's Paradise: Making Canada's Mountain Parks, 1906-1974

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  • The mountain parks are for all Canadians for all time and their value cannot be measured in terms of how many access roads, motels, souvenir shops and golf courses we've provided. —Bob Jordan, 1971, Member of the ACC

    The Alpine Club of Canada imagined the Rockies and neighbouring ranges to the west and the north as a "climber's paradise." Through a century of adventure and advocacy, the ACC led the way to mountain pursuits in spectacular regions. Historian and mountain studies specialist PearlAnn Reichwein’s research is informed by her experiences mountaineering and by her interest in mountain culture. She presents a compelling case for understanding wild places and human activity within them as parts of a whole. A work of invaluable scholarship in the areas of environmental history, public policy, sport studies, recreation, and tourism, Climber’s Paradise will appeal to many non-specialists, mountaineers, environmentalists, and travellers across Canada and beyond.


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