Bruce Patterson

Heritage House Publications 2006
Mountaineering/ Expeditions/ Climbing/ Canadians

Paperback 144 pages

6 x 9 inches


Canadians on Everest The Courageous Expedition of 1982

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    Mount Everest has captivated the human spirit for centuries. This majestic pyramid of rock and ice has come to symbolize our drive for adventure and our wish to push our limits to the extreme. Join author Bruce Patterson, who took part in the historic expedition that first brought Canadians to the summit, as he shares the inspiring story of the Canadian journey to the top of the world.

  • Bruce Patterson is the author of Canadians on Everest and Alberta SuperGuide. He is a co-author of Wild West SuperGuide. After years of writing about outdoor adventures in the Canadian Rockies, he moved west to Vancouver Island, where he lives with his wife, Joan Wagner. He is arts editor of the Victoria Times Colonist newspaper.


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