Daryl Adair 
Fitzhenry and Whiteside Sep 12, 2014
Transportation / Railroads / Travel / Food, Lodging & Transportation - Rail Travel / Canada

Paperback 248 pages

Colour photographs, rail maps, index

6 x 9


Canadian Rail Travel Guide

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    All aboard for an exciting and informative ride.

    The new Canadian Rail Travel Guide is like having your own personal tour guide to ensure you get the most out of your time on Canada's scenic rail routes.


    This conveniently-sized book is filled with essential information including: mile-by-mile descriptions of points of interest, locations of communities along the rail routes, route histories, overviews of destination attractions, contact information and addresses for arranging overnight accommodation, and more.

    Extensively researched, the Canadian Rail Travel Guide contains approximately 150 detailed color maps and photographs of all the rail passenger routes across Canada. With a special section on everything you need to know before you go, you won't want to plan a rail trip without it.

  • Daryl Adair is one of Canada's most active passenger railway travelers. Through his Winnipeg-based Rail Travel Tours, he operates tours on many of Canada's passenger trains, providing interesting "insider knowledge" about the trains, the towns they pass through, and the local features to be enjoyed in each community on the trip.


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