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Crowsnest Historical Society

Booze & Bars: A Brief History of Pub Culture in the Crowsnest Pass

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    Took over five years of research, writing, and pub tours to put this beauty together! It is the history of the Crowsnest Pass area as told through existing built heritage resources–namely, the pubs! Full of anecdotes and archival images.

    In a region shaped by industry and tragedy, the Crowsnest Pass survived and has created on of the most vibrant and beautiful 'watering holes' in the Canadian Rockies. Surviving amazing hardships early on in the Crowsnest Pass was an accomplishment in itself, how did those early residents do it? Well... to be honest, they had a little help from a few libations now and then. This book wades through how alcohol is interlaced with the history of the area, it is really an expose on the buildings that facilitated the pub culture in the region. Each community has its own unique history and distinct buildings that were meeting places, social houses, and hallowed grounds, spaces that tied the history, alcohol, and people to one another. So... might I suggest you sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy the fascinating (and historic) pub culture of the Pass. Cheers!

  • Stephanie Laine Hamilton is a freelance academic, historian, and author, who is also the proprietor of Zephyr Heritage Consulting. Currently working and living out of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta near Banff, Hamilton’s work can be experienced world-wide through her writing, exhibit work, and talks/tours.

    Another focus for Hamilton is ZEPHYR HERITAGE Consulting, which bring academic scrutiny and precision to regional heritage products and experiences by providing high-quality, heritage experiences in the out-of-doors to groups visiting the Bow Valley.


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