Tony Daffern

Rocky Mountain Books RMB October 17, 2017

Softcover 216 Pages

6 x 9 inches



Backcountry Avalanche Safety – 4th Edition A Guide to Managing Avalanche Risk

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    Essential reading for all outdoor enthusiasts who venture into mountainous terrain where avalanches are common.

    In spite of the increasing sophistication of avalanche hazard forecasting, an alarming number of people die every year in backcountry avalanche accidents. This updated edition of Backcountry Avalanche Safety contains the latest information on avalanche risk and focuses on the following vital topics:

    •Mountain Weather
    •Snow and Snowpack
    •Types of Avalanches
    •Avalanche Terrain
    •Trip Planning
    •Avalanche Gear
    •Travel in Avalanche Terrain
    •Riding Steep Slopes
    •Companion Rescue

    Using colour photographs along with detailed charts, graphs and diagrams, the author clearly explains the importance of managing risk while enjoying backcountry adventure during the winter months.

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    Tony Daffern is a seasoned climber, hiker and ski mountaineer with close to 50 years of experience on various mountain ranges throughout the world. A civil engineer by training, he is the author of the bestselling guidebook Popular Day Hikes: Canadian Rockies – Revised and Updated and Backcountry Avalanche Safety – 4th Edition. Tony is the co-founder of Rocky Mountain Books, and along with his wife, Gillean Daffern, he was awarded the Banff Mountain Festival’s Summit of Excellence Award in 2006. He lives in Calgary, Alberta.


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