Laurie Ann March

Touchwood 2011


Softcover 224 pages
7 x 9 Inches (US)


Another Fork in the Trail: Backcountry Vegetarian

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  • Laurie Ann March offers more than 120 recipes designed for hikers, paddlers, campers and picnic-goers who prefer a veggie-themed menu. With an emphasis on nutritious food that keeps you going, these recipes range from quick and easy to decadently gourmet. Each recipe includes instructions for at-home preparation and drying and the finishing touches at camp. With helpful tips on packaging and travelling with camp-friendly food, this book is the definitive guide to tasty, easy-to-pack-with-you meals that will revolutionize the way you eat on the trail.

    Try smoky lentil pâté, agave granola with goji berries, or tofu jerky. Expand your horizons with olive tapenade, red quinoa and curried lentil stew, and yummy fruit cookies. You’ll never go hungry with this book in your backpack.