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We might think we are well into winter, but in reality – we still have a long way to go. Here in the Canadian Rockies, the best snow is still ahead of us and if you are new to this area, you will be pleased to know that peak snow falls during the months of March and April. As a result, January is the perfect time to read-up and acquire the necessary information to pursue your outdoor adventures and there is no better place to start than with Chic Scott's outdoor guidebooks.

Chic Scott is a longtime resident of Banff and he is passionate about this area. Not only is he an accomplished outdoorsmen, he is a researcher and historian which makes his written body of works insightful and complete. His curious nature, ability to collaborate with others, combined with his own experiences as an alpinist, mountaineer, and adventurer provides readers with accurate and reliable information. He continues to share his knowledge, love of the outdoors, and mountains with all whom are interested and for the ardent Chic Scott fans, you will be pleased to know he is feverishly working on completing his new book about the history of Mount Assiniboine, which will debut in 2021. So, as we anxiously await this new publication, take the time to check out Chic's other titles – you will know doubt learn something new about this area and as a suggestion – take his advice and his many tips will get you safely through your next outdoor adventure.

Chic Scott was born in Calgary in 1945, he is a fourth generation Albertan and a third generation Calgarian. In 1962 he took up mountain climbing and skiing and these two passions have dominated his life ever since. He was part of the first wave of homegrown Canadian climbers who were to earn their place in this British and European dominated sport.


Mountain Romantics - The Whytes of Banff


[Mountain Romantics chronicles the lives of one of Banff's most important families, the White/Whyte Family, over the last 130 years. It begins in 1886, when Dave White arrived in Banff on one of the first trains to cross Canada. It covers family experiences through wars, the depression, tragedies and triumphs. Dave and wife Annie, create one of the most successful mercantile business in town, and their son, Cliff becomes a passionate ski adventurer, playing a major role in the creation of the Mount Norquay Ski Resort, Skoki and Temple Lodges, later owning and developing Sunshine Village into a major ski resort. Cliff's brother Peter becomes a painter and his wife Catharine Robb, fellow painter from the Boston area, built the Whyte Museum and Archives and created the Peter and Catharine Foundation in order to preserve heritage and mountain culture in the Bow Valley area. This book contains 250 photographs, 32 pages of Pete and Catharine's paintings and 16 pages of Brad's photographs. A hardbound coffee table book with dust jacket. In the back of the book is a fold out family tree.]


Hans Gmoser Film Collection

Collectors Edition - includes 10 DVDs


Hans Gmoser was one of the greatest mountain filmmakers in North America. During the 1950s and 60s he produced 10 feature length films of ski touring, rock climbing and mountaineering adventures, capturing the alpine magic of the era. Now, after 50 years, it is once again possible to view these historic films, complete with classical music soundtrack and narration. As a special bonus, interviews with 14 individuals who starred in the films are included on these DVDs.


Deep Powder & Steep Rock: The Life of Mountain Guide Hans Gmoser


Hans Gmoser (1932–2006) was the most influential mountaineer in Canada of the last fifty years. Through innovation, hard work, perseverance, and an appetite for adventure, Gmoser evolved from penniless immigrant to mountain guide for kings, queens, and prime ministers. He also played a major role in creating what is now western Canada’s dynamic mountain adventure community.

Known primarily as the inventor of heli-skiing and the founder of Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), Gmoser also garnered recognition as a talented rock climber, tireless expedition leader, successful mountain guide, renowned filmmaker, community organizer and vibrant businessman.

Told from all aspects of his fascinating life and including some of Gmoser’s own words, Chic Scott weaves together a compelling story based on the diaries, expedition journals, film commentaries and personal correspondence of this charismatic, and inspiring figure.

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