February Winner of the Alberta Reads Book Club is...

Brush Education Publishers presents the 30th anniversary edition of Cheryl Foggo's landmark work about growing up Black on the Canadian prairies in her book, Pourin' Down Rain: A Black Woman Claims Her Place in the Canadian West ($19.95).

[Cheryl Foggo came of age during the 1960s in Calgary, a time when a Black family walking down the street still drew stares from everyone they passed. She grew up in the warm embrace of a community of extended family and friends, with roots in the Black migration of 1910 across the western provinces. But as an adolescent, Cheryl struggled against the negative attitudes towards Blackness she and her family encountered. She struggled against the many ways she was made to feel an outsider in the only place she ever knew as home. As Cheryl explores her ancestry, what comes to light gives her the confidence to claim her place in the Canadian west as a proud Black woman. In this beautiful, moving work, she celebrates the Black experience and Black resiliency on the prairies. Cheryl is a multiple award-winning author, playwright, and filmmaker, whose work over the last thirty years has focused on the lives of Black people in western Canada.]


Cheryl's book is currently available in our shop here.

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