Gifts Galore — For the Nature Lover

Our new series Gifts Galore will feature segments of our offerings for the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list. In this post we are focusing on the nature lover in your life.


Coffee Table Books

What Bears Teach Us

- Sarah Elmeligi and John E. Marriot

Hardcover Coffee Table Book

$45 + GST

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Sarah Elmeligi has been working with bears for nearly 20 years. She has researched bear-viewing tourism on bear behaviour in the K’tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary on the northern tip of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. Join Elmeligi and John E. Marriott on a journey that examines and shares the behaviour of black, grizzly, and polar bears in North America in a way you’ve never seen before. What Bears Teach Us will surprise you, inspire you, foster your curiosity, and teach you something new about bears, and maybe even yourself. Her personal insight through “stories from the field” – illustrates her intimate encounters and moments with bears. This is a beautiful coffee table book and the photographs by John Marriott are stunning!


Field Guides & Journals

Pocket guides are essential when we are out in nature so we can better understand our surroundings, what they are, and how they work.

Birds of Canada - 2nd Edition is the concise guide to 453 species of birds and is the perfect size to carry in your pack. The John James birding journal will enable you to keep track of the array of species you encounter.

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3 Things - What Will It Take to Survive? $29.99 + GST

What will it take to survive - you ask? Even the most experienced outdoorsman will be challenged by this new game. It requires four or more players and comes with 80 survival scenarios, play pieces, canvas bag and whistle.

"A deadly serious training program to prepare your mind and body for any situation."

If you were buried alive, or abducted by clowns, or accidentally super glued your hand to your face...what would you do?

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Art & Nature Books

Old Man’s Garden The History and Lore

of Southern Alberta Wildflowers

Annora Brown

Introduction by: Mary-Beth Laviolette

Foreword by: Niitsitapi (Siksika) Bishop Sidney Black

$30 + GST

Through pen and ink illustrations and stories, Old Man’s Garden conveys the legends and folklore connected with Southern Alberta’s wildflowers, native plants, and Indigenous culture.

Originally published in 1954, Annora Brown’s Old Man’s Garden is a Canadian classic that tells the story of Southern Alberta’s native plants and wildflowers through art and in consideration of Indigenous traditional knowledge from the region.

Accompanying the new Rocky Mountain Book edition of Old Man’s Garden, Sidney Black of Fort Macleod, the Indigenous Anglican Bishop for Treaty 7, provides his own commentary about Annora’s art and writing in relation to the Blackfoot, while independent art curator Mary-Beth Laviolette broadens the story about the artist’s contribution to Canadian art.

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Environmental Books

For $16.59, these two books are great additions to your nature reading collection.

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In The Insatiable Bark Beetle, Dr. Reese looks at both our environment and the economy affected by Bark Beetles that are negatively impacting trees and the ecosystems they inhabit. She identifies what future humanity may face in trying to control greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, which continues to foster the spread of Bark Beetles throughout our forests. In contrast, The Incomparable Honey Bee, also by Dr. Reese looks at the diminishing population of the world’s most important group of flower visiting animals: the honeybee.

All around the globe, billions of honeybees are dying from colony collapse disorder,

and our civilization as we know it depends on the health and well-being of all 20,000 known species of bees. Her focus is to motivate others to take action and lend a helping hand to ensure that the bees survive, along with mankind.

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